Process begins by collecting plan documents and demographic data, then we finalize accrued benefit calculations, and estimated the benefit obligations on a plan termination basis.

Assess initial feasibility of termination

A face to face meeting to review the initial feasibility analysis and determine whether next steps are to implement plan termination or a target end-date strategy.

Meeting to discuss feasibility and next steps

Determine the action items, responsible party, and due dates related to the plan termination and settlement of benefit obligations to participants. Immediately commence those action items that are desired.

Implement plan termination

termination services

Preparation of annual IRS returns reports, PBGC premium filings, benefit distribution packages for retiring participants, etc.. For plans not immediately terminating, provide annual actuarial valuation report and certifications necessary.

Provide ongoing actuarial services

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Our professional fess for termination services dwarf those of most firms, primarily because we are extremely efficient, experienced, lack overhead, and have a strong desire to assist you in satisfying your benefit promises to participants at lowest possible cost.